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Off the Beaten Path in Moscow

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Bunker 42

There are many interesting things to see and do in Moscow, some never mentioned by travel guides, others less prominent, but all revealing of what this beautiful city truly has to offer. If you want to experience with the joie de vivre of the locals, here are some attractions that you shouldn’t miss.

Bunker-42  “Бункер-42 на Таганке” is a 600-meter-long network of tunnels 65 meters deep underground, converted into an exciting interactive museum, with permanent exhibitions, revealing what Soviet live underground used to be like. You will see Soviet radio stations, suits for chemical protection, gas masks, a Geiger counter, Soviet posters and more. Activities include theme tours, laser tag, strike ball, children’s activities, and more. There’s even a Russian restaurant in the bunker, serving local cuisine, paired with Italian and French wines.

Club Labyrinth, where you will also find the Kvesty Deadrooms,   in central Moscow (Kutuzovsky Prospekt 12) is a fascinating place if you like archery and other shooting sports. Here, you can even learn how to throw knives and axes, like a pro. They also offer laser tag, shooting and archery competitions on regular basis, and space for team building corporate events. The Kvesty Deadrooms here will put you face to face with the horrors of Mr. Krasovsky, in a daring game inspired by the 2005 novel Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk. You’ll have to escape the basement of Mr. Krasovsky by finding clues and solving puzzles, in under a hour.

slot machines

Another fascinating Moscow attraction is the Museum of Soviet Slot Machines (on Baumanskaya st. 11) with nostalgic Soviet gaming machines: this is a hands-on experience, as the machines are available to play.

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