There are many things to see, and to do, in Central Europe. Mamaison is happy to share with its guests, and with other travellers to this part of the Continent, some of the most interesting cultural and entertainment activities in Budapest, Warsaw, Prague, Moscow, Bratislava and Ostrava.


Carnevale Praha

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The Prague Carnevale 2016 is a Bohemian event, an Amadeus-style carnival full of surprises. The festival begins with a masquerade on January 29,...

Mamaison Hotel Le Regina Warsaw

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Paweł Oszczyk, the legendary chef at La Rotisserie Restaurant in Warsaw, has several favorites when it comes to shopping: and what can be better than...


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Prague is a culinary paradise in May: several food and drink festivals take place in and around the city, celebrating local produce and traditional...

Valentine's Day

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One of the most anticipated holidays follows in February: St. Valentine's Day, a day for lovers and couples, but also a day to celebrate...

Chopin Museum

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Warsaw is advertised as the city of Chopin, because the great Polish composer Frédéric François Chopin was born and raised here. His musical genius...