Mamaison Hotels & Residences offers luxury accommodation in some of Central and Eastern Europe’s most prestigious cities: Budapest, Prague, Warsaw, Bratislava, Ostrava and Moscow. This is the place to get familiar with these outstanding destinations, and to find out, beyond traditional travel guides, what makes each of them truly special.


Church of St Elizabeth

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The Church of St. Elizabeth, also known as the Little Blue Church of Bratislava, is Bratislava’s most appealing art nouveau building. Journalists around the...

Polish Vodka Museum

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The only museum in the world dedicated exclusively to Polish Vodka, the new Polish Vodka Museum (Muzeum Polskiej Wódki) opened June 12, 2018, at the Koneser...

Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asiatic Arts

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The Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asiatic Arts is about two minutes walk from Mamaison Hotel Andrássy. It is a thought-provoking destination, founded in 1919...

Nusle Bridge Folimanka

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Folimanka is a park located about ten minutes walk from Mamaison Residence Belgická. Besides the park, you can also visit here an underground bunker,...

Park Zaryadye

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Zaryadye is Moscow's newest urban park, a wonder of landscaping, inaugurated in September 2017. It is a massive endeavor, spreading over 13 hectares a...