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One of the most unique Warsaw hotels, the upscale deluxe Mamaison Hotel Le Regina is also amongst the best hotels in Warsaw and welcomes you to the heart of this vibrant, cultural city.

duck pastrami

La Rotisserie, the gourmet experience at Mamaison Hotel Le Regina Warsaw, is set to dazzle and seduce you with seasonal cuisine every time you visit. Chef Paweł Oszczyk does not rewrite the rules of French cooking: he is fluent in execution, and he applies every morsel of knowledge to design the ideal Polish-French fusion menu, with perfectly crafted starters, and mains that will blow your mind. Such is this month’s menu, a creation worthy of VIPs, but affordable to all, be them foodies or simply people looking for a decent meal to tame their hunger.

Introducing conversation-stopper duck pastrami, a salty, spicy, sweet, and fatty delicious starter, served under a bed of salad and strawberry, and seasoned with fresh herbs with an unbelievable coffee dressing. A rich, succulent meat, and the freshness of the salad with the perfect side of strawberry, make for an extraordinary treat: a scene stealer, by all means, you’d think, but things will only get better, with the next star of the tasting menu.

Artichokes risotto

An everyday ingredient in Italy, the humble artichoke is not so humble when handled by Paweł Oszczyk: it’s becoming a posh highlight for a basic risotto bianco, that will make you crave for more. It’s Warsaw: artichokes are not a traditional meal here. But Oszczyk delivers a menu that rivals the most celebrated restaurants, and chefs, of the world. Think Gordon Ramsay’s Jerusalem artichokes risotto with seared scallops, such a sensational experience for the taste buds, but nothing compared to this dish, which comes in an enjoyable size, topped with scallops, plus summer truffles for an extra kick.

Atlantic cod

The highlight of the menu is a beautifully roasted fillet of Atlantic cod. The chef is using wild-caught fish – the best possible choice for the star of the show – and creates a eat-it-now kind of dish, which tastes as good as it looks. The cod is an island surrounded by green farfalle, hand made with a touch of fresh herbs, which blend with the rest of the ingredients into a symphony of unexpected flavors, and yet so masterly assembled. There’s a hint of tomato there, near the tangy mushrooms. Then, you’d think that the unbelievable hazelnut pesto is enough to bring this dish to its whole, but the Chef has two more aces that crown, effortlessly, the plate: crab and caviar.

Bilberry cake

Finally, the lesser known relatives of blueberries, the bilberries end this spectacular menu, in a dessert that will steal your heart. A surprising, yet equally inspired, marriage of ingredients brings you the bilberry cake with a refreshing sorbet made with pine sprouts. This is not your everyday dessert.

For wine connoisseurs, the selection put together by Andrzej Strzelczyk, sommelier champion of Poland in 2012 and 2013, is just that extra touch to bring this dining experience close to perfection.

With such a lineup, there is no wonder that the restaurant attracts so many tourists, but don’t be surprised by the large number of locals who enter its doors. La Rotisserie is also a media darling: local food bloggers, seasoned journalists, artists and VIPs are often seen lunching at pristine tables, always in good company. You’d think, with such credential, that the restaurant is out of your reach: fear not, with La Rotisserie, gourmet food is made available to indulge you with one delicious taste after another.

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Presidential Suite

Sophisticated, yet laid-back, chic and oh, so luxurious, Mamaison Hotel Le Regina reminds of Warsaw’s glorious past, when the rich nobility roamed the streets, worry-free, in posh carriages, from party to party, searching for the next big social event, stubbornly killing the lassitude.

Enter the Presidential Suite at Mamaison Le Regina: battleship-sized leather sofas and vintage armchairs take the stage in the ballroom-sized foyer: this is where you welcome your guests while staying with us, or where you rest your weary body after a day of business in town. The room is sophisticated and uncluttered, with perfect floral arrangements to set the “zen,” luxe drapery in opulent fabrics, and a color scheme that soothes the eyes.

Presidential Suite

A few calming moments later, the patio doors are open: it’s here where you can relax sipping your favorite cocktail, or a glass of well chilled champagne. This veritable walled garden is adorned with fresh flowers. You will share it with a few other guests: a business man occupied with his newspaper; a romantic couple dining at candlelight…

Presidential Suite bedroom

When Hypnos finally takes over your weary eyes, and the magic of the day lingers on, as you step into the large, bright bedroom of the Presidential Suite, the enormous bouncy bed at the center of the room invites you to a land of childhood dreams. It’s the kind of experience that makes you feel fabulous, special, as you should feel a guest of Mamaison Hotel Le Regina Warsaw.

And what would be a decadent suite without an equally decadent bathroom?

Presidential Suite bathroom

A peek inside the Presidential Suite is enough to see why Mamaison Hotel Le Regina Warsaw has been nominated this year for two World Travel Awards categories: Poland’s Leading Hotel Suite 2015 and Poland’s Leading Hotel 2015. Your votes may help us win.

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Mamaison Hotel Le Regina Warsaw

A stylish Gothic palace with arcades is home to one of Warsaw’s most celebrated hotels: Mamaison Le Regina, which celebrates 10 years in business in 2014, and marked the event last weekend with a stylish party. In true royal spirit, the guests were welcomed at the entrance by stylish hostesses dressed in XVIII century gowns, who wished them a wonderful time.

Mamaison Hotel Le Regina Warsaw

Once belonging to the Mokrowskich family, the Gothic palace housing Mamaison Le Regina Warsaw and its charming restaurant La Rotisserie has always been a favorite meeting point for the local aristocracy. True to this tradition, the hotel celebrated its birthday in style, offering guests a feast fit for VIPs, with pheasant specialties, delicious gourmet roasts, terrines, and other treats prepared by Chef Paweł Oszczyk, who has been recently designated as Chef de l’Avenir 2014, a prestigious award by the International Academy of Gastronomy, which recognizes culinary excellence, and his talented team. The menu was complete with a fine selection of wines and champagnes, hand picked by Andrew Strzelczyk, the Polish Champion Sommelier in 2012 and 2013, who is responsible for the wine list at La Rotisserie.

Agnes Tucharz, the General Director of the Mamaison Le Regina Warsaw

The welcome speech by Agnes Tucharz, the General Director of the Mamaison Le Regina Warsaw, was followed by interesting activities that enabled the guests to experience the hotel in unique, unusual ways: some dancing minuet by the pool, others meeting a magician in one of the hotel’s rooms, or just relaxing with a game of canasta in the Presidential Apartment.


The superb culinary creations by Paweł Oszczyk were enjoyed in the hotel’s delightful restaurant, La Rotisserie. Some of these specialties can now be enjoyed by all restaurant guests every weekend, on Sundays, with the restaurant’s new special Sunday Linner menu. The five course menu will feature tuna fish carpaccio with fennel salad and orange; scallops, risotto with roasted cauliflower and apple; grilled fillet of sea bass, mussels and celery soup; cumin seared crusted prime of duck with black lentils and cherry gastrique; and chestnut mousse with Manjari chocolate, mango sherbet and coconut.

Mamaison Hotel Le Regina Warsaw

Tuna fish carpaccio

To celebrate 10 years of outstanding service for our guests at Mamaison Hotel Le Regina Warsaw, Chef Paweł Oszczyk created an outstanding gourmet menu, available every evening in our La Rotisserie Restaurant.

Fillet of pike perch

Fillet of pike perch roasted with potato crust, cherry tomato, ginger and fresh coriander salsa.

The gourmet menu features 10 mouthwatering Paweł Oszczyk, in bite-size portions, to give you the opportunity to savor each dish without feeling full, or overwhelmed by quantities. Instead, you get to focus on the sophisticated, delicate flavors, blended in every dish with great gusto, to create a tasting menu fit for royalty:

  1. Pastrami of duck with herbs leaves, foie gras slivers, coffee and caramelized soy sauce
  2. Tuna fish carpaccio coated with oriental spices on fennel salad, passion fruit dressing
  3. Ragout of scallops with pine nuts, cauliflower and raisins, capers and spring onion beurre blanc
  4. Velvet creamy artichokes soup with crunchy egg and summer truffle
  5. Cod fish and asparagus ravioli with warm caviar vinaigrette
  6. Fillet of pike perch roasted with potato crust, cherry tomato, ginger and fresh coriander salsa
  7. Prime of guinea fowl baked in cabbage leaves, dry morel sauce
  8. Roasted loin of venison marinated in vodka with honey, beetroot with elderflower, celery and pear, plum sauce with Tasmanian pepper
  9. Chocolate cannelloni with physalis sherbet
  10. Ravioli with goat’s cheese and rosemary, strawberry and Earl Grey sherbet

10 conversation-stopping, melt-in-your-mouth dishes, each symbolizing a year of activity for Mamaison Hotel Le Regina Warsaw, are paired with fine wines selected by our Sommelier Champion of Poland 2013, Andrzej Strzelczyk. Speaking of wines, May 22nd is an occasion for connoisseurs to participate in a unique tasting event, which will emphasize the best wines of the last decade, with award-winning wines like . Champagne Egly, Barolo, Riesling Auslese Max Fer Richter, and many others.

For information and reservations, please call +48 22 531 60 00.

Hotel Imperial Past

Six of the best Mamaison Hotels and Residences, have been nominated to receive prizes from the prestigious World Travel Awards this year. Mamaison offers accommodation in some of Central and Eastern Europe’s most prestigious cities – Warsaw, Prague, Ostrava, Moscow, Bratislava, Prague and Budapest.

The six hotels nominated include Mamaison Suite Hotel Pachtuv Palace Prague, which won WTA’s Czech Republic’s Leading Boutique Hotel award in 2011 and 2013; Mamaison All-Suites Spa Hotel Pokrovka Moscow is nominated for both Russia’s Leading Boutique Hotel 2014 and Russia’s Leading Hotel Residences 2014; Mamaison Residence Sulekova Bratislava is among the finalists for Slovakia’s Leading Hotel Residences 2014; Mamaison Hotel Le Regina Warsaw is a Poland’s Leading Hotel 2014 nominee; and Mamaison Hotel Andrassy Budapest is running for the Hungary’s Leading Hotel 2014 award. Follow the links to vote for our hotels, and help us win.

All these nominations, and past prizes, reflect the value offered by our chain, in all our properties, all over Europe. Besides the six aforementioned nominations, we also celebrate 10 years in business for Hotel Pachtuv Palace Prague, Hotel Le Regina Warsaw and Residence Sulekova Bratislava, and 110 years since the official opening of Mamaison Business & Conference Hotel Imperial Ostrava.

La Rotisserie interior

La Rotisserie is the Warsaw playground of Chef Paweł Oszczyk, who has been recently designated as Chef de l’Avenir 2014, a prestigious award by the International Academy of Gastronomy, which recognizes culinary excellence. This is also where you will meet Andrew Strzelczyk, the Polish Champion Sommelier in both 2012 and 2013. With such a stellar team, no wonder that La Rotisserie ranks among the best restaurants in town, but more importantly for our guests, it does so without an intimidating price tag.

La Rotisserie

La Rotisserie is an elegant space that attracts in equal measure the prosperous local couples, tourists from other hotels, and the most sophisticated foodies from Warsaw and beyond. The Chef meets their expectations by creating seasonal menus that woo and please the most demanding palate. A blend of French, Italian, and Polish cuisine, the menu is inspired by Mamaison’s own guests, by their diversity, and demands, as well as it is inspired by their needs. The finest selections of local products are then transformed into a mouth-watering, conversation-stopping main that makes guests go “Mmmm…”

If you think that our cuisine is wonderful, wait until you see our wine list. Fine vintages, hand selected by our multiple champion sommelier, Andrzej Strzelczyk, heighten every palatable menu item to perfection. Imagine sitting across from that someone special, perfect chalice of in your hand, sipping the nectar of Dionysus. If romance needed a definition, this is it.

We dare you to be adventurous, and to try our gourmet menu, instead of picking your favourite from the a la carte selections. We offer the perfect combination of aphrodisiac ingredients, daring flavours, and worry-taming colours and flavours that can easily turn the darkest mood to light-hearted effervescence. This is our chef’s pride and joy, the thing that makes La Rotisserie the perfect romantic destination. Surprisingly, this is the same element that attracts most of our business clients.

La Rotisserie seating

Finally, if you read our menu aloud the inescapable “Oh my!” will surprise you. Do this exercise, repeat after us: “Brillat Savarin cheese with raspberry chutney.” It sounded delicious, now didn’t it? Book a table for lunch, or if you want to rekindle a brilliant romance, trust us with the hardest part, the thing that goes through your stomach – a.k.a. LOVE.