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Mihaela Lica-Butler is travel writer and travel public relations consultant by profession, lover of cultures and cuisine. She has built a fun career while chiming in on many topics, from relating the trials and tribulations of the people of Kosovo, to experiencing, first hand, the heroics of the Romanian soldiers serving for the UN. But she thrives in conveying her love for travel and places in written word, and she is happy to be a constant contributor for some of the world's best travel sites.

James Blunt

Autumn tends to be a grim season, but not in Warsaw, the city that celebrates the season with the largest international Polish festival of contemporary music, Warsaw Autumn (Warszawska Jesień). There are only four days left to enjoy outstanding performances at different participating venues around the city, mainly till Sunday, September 28, 2014, when the 57th edition of the festival closes with Musical Carriage and the Cuckoo Clock Orchestra, two sound installations by Erwin Stache.

/ Warsaw Autumn

Starting tomorrow till Sunday, September 28, 2014, you can enjoy La Folle Journée de Varsovie 2014 at Teatr Wielki (Grand Theatre – National Opera). This festival has been held annually since 1995, with great success in countries like France, Spain, Japan and Brazil. In Poland, the festival is organized by the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra, C.R.E.A. and by the Ogrody Muzyczne Foundation. This is the fifth edition of La Folle Journée in Poland, and its theme is American Music of the 20th century.

More quality music is presented next Monday at Pardon To, Tu: live performances by Pat Thomas, a prolific artist, considered by many critics a master of improvisation. He will be accompanied by double bass player Adam Pultz, and a true star of Scandinavian improvised music, producer, composer and drummer, Peter Ole Jørgensen.

Pat Thomas at Pardon To, Tu

For fans of pop rock, Friday, October 3, 2014 is a day to mark in the calendar, as one of the bestselling performers of the genre, James Blunt, will perform at Torwar. Blunt is known for hist such as “Bonfire Heart,” “You’re Beautiful,” and “Goodbye My Lover.” The concert is part of the “Moon Landing Tour 2014,” which the artist dedicated to dreams, longings and first loves.

James Blunt

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chocolate festival

If you took advantage of the special offer of the season, Colours of Autumn, you are now staying at Mamaison Hotel Andrassy or at Residence Izabella, in Budapest. As you read this update, the city is preparing two outstanding cultural events for you, both this week, between September 19 and September 21: the National Gallop and the Sweet Days – Chocolate and Candy Festival.

colors of autumn hotel deals

First, the National Gallop (Nemzeti Vágta) in transforms the iconic Heroes’ Square into a race course, where some of the finest horses and jockeys will compete in international competitions, acclaimed by the local public, and by city visitors from all over the world. It’s a time of great pride for Hungary as well, as this festival celebrates Hungarian equestrian traditions, and the famous hussar culture. Children and adults alike are expecting this event with great interest. More than races, the National Gallop is an opportunity for Hungarians from all over the country to get together, united in a common passion: the love for their national horses.

National gallop

Sweet Days – Chocolate and Candy Festival lines up the finest hand-made chocolates and sweets, cakes and ice creams in a mouthwatering display of proportions, uniting not only local and international artisan chocolatiers and candy-makers, but also some of the world’s most popular brands. A day pass is HUF 2,000 for adults and HUF 100 for kids (6-12 years old). Entrance is free for children under 6 years of age.

chocolate festival

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Baked fillet of cod fish with black lentils

After the five star dining experience of a Mamaison restaurant, going back home to something less sophisticated doesn’t really make sense. To satisfy your craving for peerless cuisine, and following numerous requests after out Mamaison Winter Cookbook was received with so much excitement, we now offer the Mamaison Summer Cookbook, a collection of outstanding dishes, exclusively created by our celebrity chefs for our patrons and fans.

Chef Paweł Oszczyk Summer Menu

The first stop is La Rotisserie, Mamaison’s elegant restaurant in the Old Town of Warsaw, at Mamaison Hotel Le Regina. Here, Chef Paweł Oszczyk continues to surprise hotel guests and foodies with contemporary fare, based on the freshest, local produce. His high respect for traditional techniques, together with a distinctive feel for culinary art, blend to bring to the table the best of French and Italian cuisine. But the dishes are truly unique, each a masterpiece in its own right. The first chapter in this edition of the Mamaison Summer Cookbook is dedicated to Chef Paweł Oszczyk, and presents a refined summer menu: Beef tartar with green asparagus and summer truffle; baked filet of cod fish with black lentils, celery and caviar sauce; and for dessert, buttermilk with rhubarb and strawberries.

buttermilk with rhubarb and strawberries

Semyon Zharkikh from Meat & More, Moscow

Meat & More’s Chef Semyon Zharkikh is young, but he already has an outstanding background. He served as a cook in the Russian Navy for more than two years, and then he worked as a chef for Baltschug Kempinski Hotel in Moscow. He trained with some of the best chefs in the world, and now brings his extensive experience to guests of Mamaison All-Suites Spa Hotel Pokrovka Moscow, and to guests of Meat & More, the celebrated steak restaurant of the hotel. His Summer menu this year features Borscht with beef tongue; Scallops and prawns with pumpkin puree and paprika milk foam; and Cottage cheese soufflé with strawberry sauce and sabayon, decorated with berries and strawberry sorbet.

Scallops and prawns with pumpkin puree and paprika milk foam

László Koncz from La Perle Noire Restaurant and Lounge, Budapest

La Perle Noire Restaurant and Lounge is the crown jewel of Mamaison Hotel Andrassy Budapest, and the playground of László Koncz, a young Hungarian chef, whose stunning culinary creation revam Hungarian cuisine with a bit of French flair. His summer menu boasts Yoghurt and strawberry cream soup with roll sticks; Butterfish steak with mashed sweet potatoes and vegetables; and Cottage cheese dumplings with rhubarb and vanilla ice cream.

Cottage cheese dumplings

Vojtech Poštulka from La Brasserie, Ostrava

If the three chefs featured here inspired you, the culinary art of Vojtech Poštulka from Mamaison Imperial Ostrava, will convert you. His light menu is an excellent choice for foodies who value healthy, fresh ingredients, and discrete flavors: Thin slices of tuna with marinated radish and coriander salad, wasabi mayonnaise; Warm smoked eel with beetroot, horseradish and watercress; and Rhubarb marinated in chamomile syrup with almond crumb and ginger cream.

Warm smoked eel with beetroot, horseradish and watercress

To get these recipes and to enjoy Mamaison refined gastronomy at home, download our recipe book free of charge, here.

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Steamed salmon with dried apricot chutney

Many of our guests, who enjoy gourmet dishes at Meat & More, now have the opportunity to recreate one of these exclusive dishes at home, with a superb recipe offered by Mamaison All-Suites Spa Hotel Pokrovka Moscow. Meat & More ranks among the best restaurants in Moscow, and it is one of the top choices for wedding parties and other events, due to its psychedelic decor, but mainly for its outstanding seasonal menus, born from the best traditions of European and Russian cuisine, and created with great flair.


Today, we offer you one of the most acclaimed dishes of the season, a superb steamed salmon with dried apricot chutney and chili pepper, carrot puree with ginger and lemon sauce recipe, easy to cook at home. When you miss the outstanding textures and flavors you enjoyed at Meat & More, or if you would like a “preview” of what could be before you come to us, put on your apron, and woo your family and guests, with this sophisticated, yet easy to prepare, dish:

Steamed salmon with dried apricot chutney and chili pepper, carrot puree with ginger and lemon sauce (150/60/50/30 gr)

Dried apricot chutney

  • Dried apricots – 40 gr
  • Chili pepper – 10 gr
  • Shallot – 2 gr
  • Water – 100 ml
  • Olive Oil – 5 ml
  • White wine – 10 ml

Cut apricots, shallots and chili pepper into cubes. Fry shallots in olive oil, add chili pepper, dried apricots and mix. Then add white wine and cook till it evaporates. Add water and simmer until thickened.

Carrot and arugula puree with ginger

  • Carrot – 50 gr
  • Ginger – 7 gr
  • Shallots – 4 gr
  • White wine -10 gr
  • Water – 60 gr
  • Cream – 40 gr
  • Arugula – 30 gr
  • Olive oil 5 ml
  • Butter – 5 ml
  • Salt – 1 gr

Sauté carrots in olive oil and butter, add the ginger, shallots, white wine and water. Simmer till all the water has evaporated, then add the cream and cook for 2 more minutes.

Boil the arugula, then cool it in ice cold water to keep its vibrant green color.

Pour the sauteed carrots and the arugula into a food processor, and blend till smooth. Strain the mixture through a sieve.

Lemon sauce

  • Lemon juice – 10 ml
  • Lime and lemon zest – 2 gr
  • Butter – 5 gr
  • Honey – 2 gr

In a small stew-pot warm up the lemon juice, then remove from heat, add the honey, butter and stir constantly till all the ingredients incorporate into a beautiful, golden sauce. Finish with lime and lemon zest.


  • Salmon -180 gr
  • Egg – 1 piece
  • Sea salt – 1 gr
  • Parsley – 5 gr

Cut the salmon steak (without skin) and roll it up. Boil in a water bath. Strew salt mixed with the parsley on the edges of the salmon (grease the salmon’s edges with egg white before).

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Close up of the Prague astronomical clock

Mamaison’s three outstanding properties, Mamaison Residence Belgicka, Mamaison Hotel Riverside and the luxurious Mamaison Suite Hotel Pachtuv Palace are the perfect starting points to explore Prague this Summer. Inviting, cozy and serene, with superb concierge services, and travel benefits for our guests, Mamaison Hotels can recommend the finest cultural events of the season, and everything else that will enrich your visit to this fine European city.

Prague ranks 7 among the top 10 cities in Europe in 2014, according to Travel&Leisure, the same position occupied by the city in 2013 as well. Cities are usually ranked for sights and landmarks, culture and arts, restaurants, people, and value. Prague has enough of everything. In fact, the city is so rich and diverse, that you need a lifetime to enjoy it at its fullest. But even as a visitor, staying here just for a brief time, you will leave richer.

This Summer, Prague is an open invitation for all lovers of arts and culture.

Prague Proms 2014

The Prague Proms 2014 is an annual music festival inspired by the BBC Proms in London. For visitors to Prague, this is the best occasion to see the best orchestras, choirs and musicians performing popular symphonies, and concerts, held at the Prague Municipal House, and at the Hybernia Theatre. Of note, the Bratislava Hot Serenaders, performing at Hybernia. The festival takes place between June 21 and July 20.

One world is not enough

One World is Not Enough

One World is Not Enough (Jeden svět nestačí), an exhibition of art at the Clam Gallas Palace features XIX Century art treasures from the Patrik Simon collection. The entire month of July the exhibition enables you to admire works by Antonín Machek, Josef Navrátil, Vilém Kandler and many other Czech masters.

Vital Art Nouveau 1900

More treasures of the XIX century will remain on display at the Municipal House from the beginning of July 2014, till the end of December 2015. The Municipal House itself, the location of the Czechoslovak declaration of independence, is a gem of Art Nouveau architecture, and a must-see landmark. Vital Art Nouveau 1900 will show Czech and European Art Nouveau works, on loan from the Museum of Decorative Arts.

Prague Folklore Days 2013

Prague Folklore Days

Folklore is often one of the best paths to understanding a destination. Local traditions are always fascinating. This year, July 24-27, you can attend the 8th International meeting of amateur folk groups in Prague, on open air stages at the Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square and Republic Square. The Prague Folklore Days is the biggest folk dance event in central Europe.

Carnevale Praha

Opera Barocca Summer Festival

The Opera Barocca Summer Festival is the event that closes the Summer. The festival will be held from Friday August 15th till Sunday September 7th at the Clam-Gallas Palace. The multicultural event will feature music, theater, dance and other performances, meant to entertain, but also to raise awareness about the Baroque traditions of the Czechs. Actors, dancers and singers, even some of the guests, will be wearing period costumes. Musicians will perform on authentic Baroque instruments.

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Budapest colors

Budapest is one of the best places to be this summer. The city is a blend of ravishing scenery and parties that attract visitors from all over the world. If June was marked by rivers of beer, the rest of the summer opens the stage for music and art.

Czech Beer Festival

Czech Beer Festival in Budapest, the 7th edition.

The annual Czech Beer Festival (Cseh Sörnapok) stretches from June 17 to July 13, enough time to bring hundreds of beer-lovers at the Városháza Park, not only to enjoy a selection of beers from over 25 Czech breweries, but also to savor specific culinary treats, to watch the FIFA World Cup in the VIP tent, and to participate in many other entertainment events.

At the end of the month, beginning June 27, and lasting all through the first week of July, visitors to Budapest can attend the 19th edition of Budapest Pride, a lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gender film and cultural event with a feminist and anti-racist approach. The festival offers discussions, concerts, parties, and more. There will also be a parade on Saturday, July 5, 2014 on the route City Park – Heroes’ Square – Andrássy Avenue – Bajcsy-Zsilinsky út – Alkotmány utca – Kossuth Square.

Keeping up with the cultural trend of the summer, don’t miss WAMP, Budapest’s monthly design market, on June 29, which, on this occasion, will be open from 11 am to 10 pm. In July, WAMP will be held on the 6th, a Sunday, and finally, your last summer chance to buy creations by contemporary Hungarian designers, including art, clothes and accessories, will be August 3. WAMP takes place at Erzsébet tér.

Celebrated in 14 countries connected through the Danube river system, Danube Day is an homage to the river, and to its wildlife. There will be several events for all ages, at multiple locations on the banks of the river. Mark June 29 in your calendar, and don’t miss the events, which have a strong local note.

Vajdahunyadvár Summer Festival

Vajdahunyadvár Summer Festival

Another must-see event of the summer, the Vajdahunyadvár Summer Festival, takes place in the courtyard of Vajdahunyad Castle from July 10 to August 7, 2014. Vajdahunyad Castle (Vajdahunyad vára), is a castle in City Park, built between 1896 and 1908, and designed by Ignác Alpár after the Vajdahunyad castle in Transylvania, Romania. The festival features classical music, swing, klezmer as well as traditional Hungarian gypsy music. Don’t miss the closing concert, on August 7, performed by the 100-Member Gypsy Orchestra.

Nemzeti Táncszínház

More music, this time accompanied by dance, will take place, like every summer, at the Carmelite Courtyard on Castle Hill. The event, titled An Evening of Dance in the Carmelite Courtyard, takes place between July 30 and August 14, and features folk dance, flamenco, tango and modern dance. The event is organized by the National Dance Theatre, Nemzeti Táncszínház.

And what would your Budapest summer be without the Sziget Festival, which attracts over 400,000 people every August? This year, guests staying at Mamaison Hotel Andrassy Budapest and Mamaison Residence Izabella Budapest can attend the festival at the Shipyard Island (Hajógyári sziget) from August 11, till August 18.

End your summer in style, on St. Stephen’s Day, celebrating with the locals Stephen I, the first king of Hungary and founder of the Kingdom of Hungary. The event, held on August 20, is not exclusive to Budapest, but takes place all over Hungary, with day-long festivities (concerts, dance, arts and crafts, beer, cuisine, and more) followed by spectacular fireworks.

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Mamaison Hotel Andrassy Budapest

Mamaison Hotel Andrassy Budapest, one of the best in class hotels in the metropolis, is now celebrated by guests, staff, and the media, as the best Budapest business hotel. Our fine property has received the Best Budapest Business Hotel Award 2014 from the Business Traveller Hungary Magazine.

Andrássy staff with award

A unique venue, Mamaison Andrássy is housed inside a historic Bauhaus landmark dating from 1937. The building, once an orphanage, is now a luxurious hotel, perfect for business travellers, but also, a magnet for romantic couples. Elegant and sophisticated, towering over the grand Andrássy Avenue, our hotel is an impeccable blend of stylish, airy spaces, decorated with contemporary furnishings, in cheery terra-cotta, gray, white and cream colors.

MaMaison Andrassy Hotel

Timelessly elegant, our hotel exudes comfort at every turn: from its sumptuous lobbies, to the vast rooms, where super-comfortable beds invite you to linger between the walls endlessly, eventually relaxing with a glass of bubbly. But the world outside the walls beckons, with as many Hungarian adventures.


Before you go to explore the city, stop to experience culinary bliss at La Perle Noire Restaurant and Lounge, our crown gem, a place romantic enough to rival the hidden gardens of French royalty.

La Perle Noire Restaurant and Lounge

To stay at Mamaison Andrássy is to feel like royalty yourself. No other hotel in this class offers as much, for such fair prices. This commitment to your satisfaction, our constant quest to surpass expectations, is rewarded year after year, in your reviews, but also, in reviews written by experts, and, of course, with awards such as the one received, for the fourth year in a row, from the Business Traveller Hungary Magazine. Can you think of a better reason to celebrate that this?

Divoká Voda

Postcard pretty Bratislava, known mainly for its iconic castle that stands on a rocky hill directly above the Danube, is a romantic city, close enough to the Little Carpathians to be also a favorite in Slovakia for active travelers. There’s so much to do here, that you will need at least a couple of weeks to enjoy the city, and the surrounding countryside, at their fullest.

Water sports and rope courses

Start with Divoká Voda, a favorite for activities like rafting, kayaking, boating, and wakeboarding, and even for paintball and beach volleyball. The resort offers babysitting during your training, teambuilding and sports programs. There is a kayak school, with classes for all levels, plus rentals for professionals and beginners alike. They have affordable aquazorbing and aquarolling for all ages, and even quad bikes, on a short, very safe, yet wild route. The little ones can even ride a pony.

Location: Vodné dielo, 850 09 Čunovo
Phone: +421 918 993 647

Action Park is an entertainment and adrenaline campus, offering a wealth of activities, some more challenging than others. The highlight of the park is its rope course, with 26 activities, 30 high rope obstacles and other great fun attractions. They also offer paintball tournaments; archery and crossbow shooting; a bungee trampoline, safe for both kinds and adults; zorbing, which is quite a trend in Eastern Europe; and even kiting.

Location: Shengenská ulica, Čunovo, 851 10 Bratislava
Phone: +421 904 22 33 33

Action Park zorbing

Action Park zorbing, one of many exciting activities for Bratislava visitors. (Photo courtesy Action Park on Facebook)

For swimming in Bratislava, check out Letné kúpalisko Delfín, in Ružinov, a Summer swimming pool with water slide, showers, changing rooms, sauna, and playground for little guests.

Location: Ružová dolina 11
Phone: 02/534 155 53

Another excellent swimming pool, Letné kúpalisko Rosnička is surrounded by greenery, and offers pools for adults and children, plus a playground and beach volleyball.

Location: M. Schneidra Trnavského 2, 84101 Bratislava – Dúbravka
Phone: 02/643 609 60

Letné kúpalisko Tehelné pole is the most beautiful, and most famous swimming pool in Bratislava. This is also the nearest swimming area if you stay at Mamaison Residence Sulekova.

Location: Odbojárov 9, 83104 Bratislava
Phone: 02/443 728 28

Also for swimming, this time in a natural area, head to Zlaté piesky, northeast of the capital city Bratislava, in a quiet environment, surrounded by lush greenery. You will find crystal clear waters, beautiful sandy beach, plus 2 tennis clubs, 7 tennis courts with artificial lighting, 2 volleyball courts, 2 playgrounds, waterslide and mini golf.

Location: Zlaté piesky Bratislava – Ružinov
Phone: 02/442 570 18

The world from up high

Balony.sk takes you up in the sky, in a romantic ride with the clouds, to see the beautiful city from up high. Their sightseeing flights take about 1 hour, and are available rain or shine, year round. During the flight you are offered champagne, cold beer, soft drinks, and even food, depending on the package you booked.

Location: Pluhová 2, 831 03 Bratislava
Phone: +421 911 22 55 77


A romantic ride with the clouds. (Photo: BALONY.SK on Facebook)

Commando for all ages

Devils Paintball Club offers military-style paintball in Kalinkovo, 10 km from Bratislava, in a pleasant forest. This is one of the largest paintball fields in Slovakia, an great fit for professionals, but suitable for newbies too. You will find bunkers, trenches, fortifications, tanks, buildings, and all kinds of natural obstacles. They have tents where you can relax when the weather is not that friendly, and even grills for a barbeque celebration after the game.

Location: (GPS) N48.06388° E017.24912°
Phone: +421 905 743 454

For more adrenaline-pumping team games resembling paintball, check out Laser Arena, the perfect venue to enjoy fun and action with your family. Unlike paintball, laser tag is not painful: children and the elderly can join in too. Game sessions are usually short – no more than 15 minutes – so no one will get tired.

Location: Prešovská 45, 821 02 Bratislava
Phone: +421 903 914 386

Laser Arena Bratislava

Laser Arena Bratislava, a fun time for all ages. (Photo: Laser Arena Bratislava on Facebook)

Horseback riding in Bratislava

For horseback riding at the foothill of the Little Carpathians, you could choose Jazdecká škola Elán Čierna Voda, which offers year-round riding courses for both adults and children, 7 days a week, under the guidance of experienced instructors. They have an indoor riding hall too, so you can come to practice rain or shine.

Location: Čierna Voda 611, 83107 Bratislava
Phone: +421 903 722 330

Another great place to learn how to ride, or just to enjoy leisurely horseback riding sessions, are the Stajne Epona stables. This is where you can escape from the city to the beautiful nature around Vajnory. Besides riding, the area is popular for agritourism, farming, cycling, roller skating and other activities.

Location: Rybničná 34, 83107 Bratislava
Phone: +421 905 880 333

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Budavári Sörfesztivál

Budapest is a year round destination, with outstanding events every season. This Summer, you will enjoy some of the most exciting festivals on both sides of the Danube.

Our first recommendation is a treat for your taste: the Budai Gourmet Festival in Millenaris Park. More than 25 of Hungary’s top restaurants will showcase some of their best culinary creations. This year, the festival begins May 30, 2014 and ends June 1, 2014.

Gourmet Fesztivál

Also from May 31 to June 1st, don’t miss the Belvárosi Fesztivál, which take place on Erzsébet tér, Szabadság tér and Zrínyi utca. It is a free music festival, where you can enjoy music in all genres, from live jazz, to rock, pop and folk.

If you like beer, don’t miss Főzdefeszt, the craft-beer festival in Mikszáth Kálmán tér and Szabó Ervin tér, from June 6 to June 8, 2014. 18 microbreweries from all over the country will participate in this edition.

Another beer festival, Budavári Sörfesztivál, takes place at the Buda Castle from June 12 to June 15, 2014, at the Royal Palace’s Oroszlános and Hunyadi courtyards, and the Savoyai terrace. You get to choose from over 200 domestic and international beers.

The cultural quest for the sun culminates in June with the Budapest Summer Festival, with live music at the Margaret Island Open-air Stage and Városmajor Open-air Stage. Don’t miss it if you stay at one of our hotels between June 14 and August 20, 2014.

Don’t miss the Danube Carnival between June 15 and June 23, 2014, an outstanding celebration of art, music and dance, which brings together contemporary dancers, international artists and traditional Hungarian folk dancers. Venues: Danube Promenade, Vörösmarty Square, Margaret Island.

Summers are always filled with beer festivals. Another important event of this kind is the Czech Beer Festival in Budapest, this year at its 6th edition. 25 different Czech breweries will come to tame your thirst at the Városháza Park, between June 17 and June 30, 2014.

For culture buffs, the Night of the Museums on June 22nd is a must. Participating museums, which keep their doors open till 2:30 am, include the Hungarian National Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Budapest History Museum, the House of Terror Museum, the Hungarian National Gallery and many others.

Festivals and special events aside, if you would rather enjoy a lazy walk in the sunshine, or an active day in nature, you don’t need to “escape” Budapest to find the perfect spot. Hike up the Janoshegy to get closer to the burning ball of gas in the sky.

If you want a tan, the Budapest Plage in Castle Hill, an urban beach very popular with the locals, will provide just what you need, if you don’t mind the crowds.

At the heart of Margaret Island, Palatinus Strandfürdő is powered by thermal springs. Albeit touristy, this is the place to come to unwind after a busy week, sightseeing the historic heart of Budapest.

Tuna fish carpaccio

To celebrate 10 years of outstanding service for our guests at Mamaison Hotel Le Regina Warsaw, Chef Paweł Oszczyk created an outstanding gourmet menu, available every evening in our La Rotisserie Restaurant.

Fillet of pike perch

Fillet of pike perch roasted with potato crust, cherry tomato, ginger and fresh coriander salsa.

The gourmet menu features 10 mouthwatering Paweł Oszczyk, in bite-size portions, to give you the opportunity to savor each dish without feeling full, or overwhelmed by quantities. Instead, you get to focus on the sophisticated, delicate flavors, blended in every dish with great gusto, to create a tasting menu fit for royalty:

  1. Pastrami of duck with herbs leaves, foie gras slivers, coffee and caramelized soy sauce
  2. Tuna fish carpaccio coated with oriental spices on fennel salad, passion fruit dressing
  3. Ragout of scallops with pine nuts, cauliflower and raisins, capers and spring onion beurre blanc
  4. Velvet creamy artichokes soup with crunchy egg and summer truffle
  5. Cod fish and asparagus ravioli with warm caviar vinaigrette
  6. Fillet of pike perch roasted with potato crust, cherry tomato, ginger and fresh coriander salsa
  7. Prime of guinea fowl baked in cabbage leaves, dry morel sauce
  8. Roasted loin of venison marinated in vodka with honey, beetroot with elderflower, celery and pear, plum sauce with Tasmanian pepper
  9. Chocolate cannelloni with physalis sherbet
  10. Ravioli with goat’s cheese and rosemary, strawberry and Earl Grey sherbet

10 conversation-stopping, melt-in-your-mouth dishes, each symbolizing a year of activity for Mamaison Hotel Le Regina Warsaw, are paired with fine wines selected by our Sommelier Champion of Poland 2013, Andrzej Strzelczyk. Speaking of wines, May 22nd is an occasion for connoisseurs to participate in a unique tasting event, which will emphasize the best wines of the last decade, with award-winning wines like . Champagne Egly, Barolo, Riesling Auslese Max Fer Richter, and many others.

For information and reservations, please call +48 22 531 60 00.