Mamaison Hotels & Residences offers luxury accommodation in some of Central and Eastern Europe’s most prestigious cities: Budapest, Prague, Warsaw, Bratislava, Ostrava and Moscow. This is the place to get familiar with these outstanding destinations, and to find out, beyond traditional travel guides, what makes each of them truly special.



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Moscow is such a fascinating city if you visit it like a local. This summer is interesting for outdoors enthusiasts who like music as...


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When in Prague, don't follow the tourist crowds. The city has a lot to offer if you want to explore it like a local....

Children's Railway

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The Children's Railway in Budapest is one of the city's most celebrated attractions. It's known locally as Gyermekvasút, and the special thing about it...


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Trenčín Mesto Módy, a legendary fashion festival, will return after nearly a decade pause to the Slovak "city of fashion" in September. Bratislava got a...

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If you are in Bratislava from June 30 untile the second of July, you can attend one of the largest European hip-hop festivals. Hip...