Mamaison Hotels & Residences offers luxury accommodation in some of Central and Eastern Europe’s most prestigious cities: Budapest, Prague, Warsaw, Bratislava, Ostrava and Moscow. This is the place to get familiar with these outstanding destinations, and to find out, beyond traditional travel guides, what makes each of them truly special.


Small Carpathian Wine Route

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There was a time when the stretch of land between Bratislava and Trnava was the most important road in this part of the world....


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Holešovice has emerged in the past ten years as Prague's capital of cool. It boasts fancy industrial spaces housing bars, clubs, and all kinds...

Moscow Halloween

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Although the Moscow Halloween is not a tradition recognized by the church and religious groups and conservative politicians try to ban it in Russia,...


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Dubbed as Bratislava's extreme sports hall, Hangair is a novelty in Slovakia. It is a one-of-a-kind destination, designed for adrenalin junkies. Hangair is a...


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One of the gems of Eastern Europe, and the Pearl of Danube, Budapest is a fascinating destination - a city with pulsating nightlife, charming...