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Millions of people say; “there’s no place like Moscow during the Christmas season.” While there may be some argument on this, the color and pageantry Russia’s capital are adorned with are on par with anyplace on Earth. But when locals and visitors take to ice skates, the city has no equal for its outdoor ice skating rinks. Here’s a short review of five of the best.

  1. VDNKh ice rink

    VDNKh ice rink

    In 2017 the World Record Academy awarded Moscow’s VDNKh ice rink the title “world’s biggest skating arena with synthetic ice.” Boasting some 20 thousand plus square meters of the ice surface, the stylish rink thrills skaters by allowing them to skate by beautiful fountains and past Soviet-era pavilions. Lined with many dozens of cafes and food courts, VDNkh is worth visiting for the sheer joy of skating, and for its proximity to the Moskvarium, and other nearby attractions too.

    The rink has a capacity of more than 4,500 people who may split their visit in between several themed zones: Big Circle, Infinity, Lovers’ Alley, Children’s Playground and the Hockey Field. But at Christmas time everything takes on a more festive and joyous flair. For convenience visitors have six equipment rental pavilions, skate sharpening stations, two medical areas, and three changing rooms. Entry fees range from 200 to 400 rubles.

  2. Gorky Park ice rink

    Gorky Park ice rink

    One of Moscow’s most famous icons, legendary Gorky Park endeavors each year to improve on the previous year’s icy wonders. For instance, the huge ice rink was recently enlarged by one thousand square meters to well over 19,000 square meters. Famous for its skate tracks that pass through the park’s Central Square, Gorky Park also added a “stereo rink” so that skaters can ice dance to tunes provided by leading DJs.

    This season Gorky Park created an innovative portal to the reality of stereo and a world of light, music and events. Designers used wavy patterns that remind us of a sound sequence, and symbolize a movement of free sound. Visitors will also be able to see optical illusions without any 3D glasses, skate along ice alleys-equalizers and move to another part of the Ice Rink through illuminated tunnels. The whole park is an experience not to be missed, and visitors can expect a host of amenities from restaurants to the Gorky Park Museum and other attractions. Entrance tickets for adults to the main rink are in between 350 and 600 rubles.

  3. GUM ice rink

    GUM ice rink

    Why not skate right on Red Square? You can, you know? The GUM ice rink on Russia’s main square opens on Nov. 30, and while the rink only has space for about 450 skaters, the atmosphere is beyond compare. Skaters revel beneath the Kremlin walls and towers, the Historical Museum, St. Basil’s Cathedral and a festively illuminated GUM department store.

    Next to the rink, the New Year tree and a small fair add to the experience. Drink a warm tea or mulled wine, and eat a bliny in sight of one of the world’s most iconic landmarks. There are also always some entertainment shows too, that includes Russia’s Santa Claus – Father Frost. Prices are from 200 to 400 rubles through February.

  4. Sokolniki Park

    Sokolniki Park ice rink

    Smaller than either VDNKh or Gorky Park, the ice skating rink called “Ice” is only 5,300 square meters. However, you’ll find skating here a bit more intimate, since there’s not near as many visitors most days. The park is famous for music and dances on the ice, and this year there’s a huge hand heater to go along with the foot heater.

    First-time visitors to the park will be amazed at the park named for the falcon hunt formerly held by the Grand Dukes of Muscovy. The Sokolniki Park is one of the city’s most beautiful, a labyrinth of walks and lanes with restaurants and amenities dotted throughout. You can also expect quite a few cafes and the usual skate rental outlets. Tickets are between 300 and 400 rubles.

  5. The Ponds

    Chistye Ponds ice rinks

    For those visitors in search of an intimate Moscow experience, the ponds at Patriarshiye and Chistye are free as well as romantic attractions. Covered in ice in winter, these two natural skating rinks are also adorned for the season. Skaters can check out light and laser shows, music, and even a disco. These ponds are actually Moscow’s oldest areas for skating.

There are also frozen pond rinks at Ostankino park, Baumana Garden, Porklonnaya Gora (Park Pobedy), Luzhniki.

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Mamaison Recommends Moscow in Winter

Mamaison Recommends: some of the most interesting things to do and see this December and holiday season in Moscow. Whether you stay at Mamaison All-Suites Spa Hotel Pokrovka or elsewhere in the beautiful Russian capital, here are the things that will make your vacation a superlative experience.

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Moscow is such a fascinating city if you visit it like a local. This summer is interesting for outdoors enthusiasts who like music as they can embark on the Maestro to admire the summer panoramas of the Moscow River and to enjoy concerts under the naked skies.

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Moscow is a fascinating city, with enough to see and do to keep you busy for years. Besides the attractions heavily advertised by travel guides, like the Kremlin, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, the Red Square, the fantastic Tretyakov Gallery, the Bolshoi Theatre, the Novodevichy Convent, and
Gorky Park to mention a few, there are newer attractions to enjoy this summer.

The Moskvarium is an oceanography and marine biology center, the largest of its kind in Europe. The massive landmark, which opened in 2015, is already among the top things to see with children. It has a 2300-seat auditorium, which offers water shows with three-dimensional projections of whales, dolphins, and other fascinating creatures. You can also visit the Moskvarium to swim with the dolphins.

Another fun attraction to see with children is the Roller Family, a roller skates school with indoor spaces at the Luzhniki Olympic Complex, perfect to practice year round. The school offers both group and private lessons for adults and children.

Europe’s largest indoor water park, Kva-Kva Park, offers a wonderful playground for children, large pools, jacuzzi, lagoon and a special “Children’s Town” area with pools heated at 34°C to offer a pleasant environment for little guests to play. The sauna complex of the park includes four saunas, spa pools, Turkish bath, and a cooling zone.

Equestrian center and sports complex KSK Bitsa is a wonderful choice for horseback riding tours. The complex also features a well-equipped fitness center, archery training facilities and classes for all skill levels, a swimming pool with six lanes, and a shooting range.

Spa by Algotherm at Mamaison Hotel Pokrovka is an urban oasis, with excellent natural algotherapy treatments for face and body, thalassotherapy, hammam, Russian sauna, and even a Moroccan Rhassoul steam room, alongside 8 treatment rooms and other facilities. Spa by Algotherm brings mind, body and spirit into balance with natural European and Asian spa treatments, luxurious pampering packages, and even natural beauty treatments for your hair. All spa treatments are designed by expert therapists, with a better you in mind.

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St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish national holiday with universal appeal. It is celebrated in countries and cities all over the world. If you happen to be in Moscow on March 17 and the weekend following the date, you will have plenty to do to mark the festival.

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Russian photographer Kristina Makeeva shows you Moscow like you’ve never seen it before! The talented photographer shares fresh images on Instagram every day to show the world how beautiful the Russian capital can be any time of the year.

Her work got media attention after the photographer shared some of her spellbinding images on Bored Panda. Some of her most shared pictures on Instagram include the Red Square, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, the Bolshoi Theatre, and other important landmarks, as well as everyday people enjoying the atmosphere.

“In Moscow, winters are cold, of course, but this time of the year is the most beautiful, in my opinion,” she wrote. “In our city, there are a lot of lights that are often lit up all night, so those nights in Moscow, when it is snowing, the atmosphere is really fabulous.”

The following images illustrate the talent of the photographer and the magic of Moscow. A city beautiful every season, Moscow is at its most inviting in winter. So plan your Valentine’s Day with us. Check out the special offers at Mamaison All-Suites Spa Hotel Pokrovka Moscow for more winter magic. For example, our Winter Wonders package allows you to save up to 20 % on your accommodation for bookings made directly on our site until March 31, 2017. We leave you with the photographic art of Kristina Makeeva for inspiration.

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Radio City

For travelers in Moscow during the Rio Olympics, there are many great places to take in broadcasts from Brazil, but none so chic and thoughtful as RADIO CITY (РАDИО СИТИ). This classy restaurant/bar is centrally located at 5 Bolshaya Sadovaya Street, just a pole vault from the Mayakovsky monument in the old hotel “Beijing”. For atmosphere and big screen sports joy, this is the best place in Moscow to wine and dine during your favorite sporting events.

With 4 huge screens, 22 plasmas, and ten sumptuous house beers to choose from, guest can take in synchronized broadcasts or individual events from boxing to volleyball and everything in between.

14 minutes from All Suites Mamaison All-Suites Spa Hotel Pokrovka, this sports arena of sports bars is also a good place to cheer with the locals. It’s been a popular icon of Moscow for some time, mainly famous with the locals for the beer, burgers (voted among the best in Moscow), and pizza, and European football of course. Newcomers like the retro surrounds and the big discounts on promotion.

So, if you can’t get the Rio Olympics off your mind these next two weeks in Moscow, you can book your table directly for the Rio Games telecast any night of the games right here.